Poll: When Will You Use Unleaded Fuel?



  1. I’m ready to bear a little extra up front cost, to not foul my plugs with lead. By the time I figure in (albeit slight) increase in TBO, and oil change intervals, I figure the cost is a wash at worse.

  2. I’ll buy UL if it is competitively priced and I have no interest in paying for the STC.
    The fact is that 100Low Lead has such a small amount of lead in it that it presents no risk to the user or to the community. The lead goes out the exhaust and is scavenged by the oil system – a lot is held in the filter and in suspension in the engine oil.

  3. Been flying Rotax powered aircraft burning Premium unleaded 93 octane with 10% ethanol for a quarter century and now can run full synthetic Rotax XPS oil. Difference between a 21st Century engine and a relic.

  4. I just installed a rebuilt Lycoming O360-C1F on my Maule. The engine came from LyCon and is a marvelous powerplant. The engine alone cost half as much as the whole plane did a decade ago, so I’m doing everything I can to break it in and maintain it for longevity. The warrantees from LyCon and SureFly (for the electronic right magneto) are both voided if unleaded fuel is used in the engine. No exception is made for FAA approved unleaded fuels. After spending a small fortune on the engine, I can’t afford to void the warranty, so that is a MAJOR stumbling block for my use of anything other than 100LL. Changes to my warranty coverage will be required before I put any unleaded fuel in my tanks.

  5. I started using unleaded in the mid to late 80’s using with the Petersen autofuel STC, in 172, 182, and 150 series of aircraft. I hauled my own fuel to the airport, but today it is a mortal sin to carry 100 gallons of fuel in a well designed metal tank, drive onto the ramp, and fill your own aircraft. Not to mention liability insurance policy of 1 to 10 million dollars. I had an autofuel STC for my Cherokee 140, but I did the 160HP STC and auto fuel can no longer be used without $2000 in additional electric fuel pumps.
    In theory 94UL can’t be used either, thanks to the STC holder stating 100LL, even though I know it would be safe.