NetJets Pilots Overwhelmingly Approve Revised Contract


After a year of negotiations, NetJets pilots have overwhelmingly agreed to a revised contract.

As first reported by Private Jet Card Comparison, the results were disclosed by the NetJets Association of Shared Airline Pilots (NJASAP) Executive Board, citing “record-breaking participation” with 98% of members voting on the Tentative Agreement.

Pilots decisively approved the ratification with 78.31% in favor and 21.69% opposed. Out of the total votes cast, 2,390 pilots supported the deal, while 662 voted against it.

NJASAP claimed the new agreement would align pilot pay with industry standards seen at major airlines, according to the report from Private Jet Card Comparison. Under the new agreement, pilots are set to receive a 52% increase in compensation over the next five years, with base pay ranging from $86,000 to more than $400,000 based on pilot wage tables.

Additionally, the agreement includes other benefits such as extended medical leave durations and accrual of seniority while on leave. It will also increase long-term disability pay and enhance the 401K matching program.

The contract expires in 2029.

Amelia Walsh
Amelia Walsh is a private pilot who enjoys flying her family’s Columbia 350. She is based in Colorado and loves all things outdoors including skiing, hiking, and camping.