uAvionix AV-30-C EFIS Approved


Available for experimental and light sport applications previously, the all-in-one uAvionix AV-30 has been FAA approved as a primary instrument via a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC). According to uAvionix’s documentation, “The AV-30-C is approved for primary Attitude, Slip and Direction of Flight.” With a built-in attitude reference system as well as pitot-static sensors, the AV-30-C can replace a vacuum-driven attitude gyro while also providing supplemental airspeed and altitude data. It can also be installed as a replacement for a directional gyro, while still providing a backup attitude instrument to the remaining AI. The DG does not use a remote magnetometer but does have an electronically stabilized display that the pilot sets with reference to the aircraft’s compass.

“uAvionix is creating avionics with fundamental engineering advantages,” said COO Ryan Braun. “These are beautiful, no-compromise certified avionics designed to deliver an affordable total cost of ownership. The AV-30-C provides an innovative probeless angle-of-attack and non-slaved directional gyro, both designed to dramatically lower the cost of installation without compromising performance. Where other avionics seem designed to be replaced, the AV-30-C will get better with age. We’re actively developing ADS-B In, electronic flight bag, transponder, and autopilot integrations to ensure AV-30-C becomes an indispensable instrument for every panel.”

Designed to be installed into a 3 1/8-inch instrument hole, the AV-30 has customizable display styles for both attitude and DG functions, and includes a “probeless” angle-of-attack system that uses airspeed and attitude to provide AOA alerts. The AV-30 requires minimal connections, with power and pitot/static hookups the minimum. It can be connected to a probe for outside air temperature (which then enables density altitude and true airspeed readouts) and can provide audio alerts. It can also be connected to a GPS to show ground track and basic lateral nav guidance, though the device cannot be connected to an IFR GPS at this time. uAvionix is also working on an adapter to send heading information to “legacy” autopilots; that’s expected sometime early next year.

At $1995, the AV-30-C includes an integrated backup battery said to be good for two hours, but the STC documentation claims “The internal battery capacity has been tested and verified to provide 30 minutes of operational capacity (with reserve), and meets the requirements defined in 14 CFR 23.1311(a)(5) and 23.1353(h), allowing independent operation from the primary electrical power system.” uAvionix says deliveries will begin in October.

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